Increase self-confidence

Confidence helps you face life, straight on.

Increase Self-confidenceImproving Self-Confidence is more than changing a mindset or a feeling. Instead, it’s combining the 3 aspects of a person: mind, emotions, and gut-instinct. Confidence lives in one’s thoughts as words, statements, and beliefs; it lives in one’s heart as feelings, emotions, and expressions; and it lives in one’s gut as instincts and intuitions. In other words, confidence lives in and throughout our whole body. Isn’t that cool!

Before we dive into that, let’s agree on what confidence is. I’m using Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary to define confidence as: “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.” It leads to self-assurance, self-reliance, assertiveness, courage, trust, faith, and conviction. In other words, it’s a powerful thought, feeling or instinct that lives inside of us—even if we aren’t aware of it, it’s there. We consciously and unconsciously tap into these 3 sources of confidence to plan our lives, set goals, make decisions and other daily activities.

Stress causing you problems?

Sure it does. Stress drains our ability to think clearly. So, if you are relying solely on mental confidence to help you make a decision, you are in trouble as you are already impaired. Instead, combine each Type of Confidence to make a decision. Mental Confidence helps us know we have the ability to research and think through the pros and cons of a decision. Emotional Confidence helps us feel empowered and trust ourselves to manage any risks associated with the decision. Gut-Instinct Confidence gives us an inner knowing in the body that senses what decision to make. For instance, you don’t know how you know; you just know you know.

Here’s an example:

Combining all 3 types of confidence helped me decide to become a Whole Person Coach. It gave me a fresh start into a new career. My process began by thinking that I had the ability to be a coach and could research a training center that would equip me. My feelings of self-reliance and courage helped me to feel capable to do it, even if the process felt insurmountable and I felt insecure. At one point, I just knew in my gut that becoming a coach was my next step. It was a thought and feeling that originated literally from deep within me, like an intuition or an instinct of what to do next.

Being a coach isn’t always easy. However, knowing I made a whole-body decision, helps me navigate through the tough times. Tapping into the 3 centers of confidence helped me unlock my potential in a fresh new way and persevere through discouraging times. It empowered my decision and continues to keep me encouraged and motivated.

Want to dive deeper?

What I’ve described here is not something I read in a book, or researched online, but instead something that is a combination of my life studies and experiences. If you would like to empower your decision making or another aspect of your life/work, email me for a free consultation: or contact me via my website: