love in time of covid

Covid-19 roared like a lion

love in time of covidCovid-19 roared into our lives forcing change, offering few options and providing even less clarity. I had no time to prepare. I felt lost and for the first week of the shutdown, hibernated in front of the TV so it would drown out both thoughts and feelings.

Walking replaced hibernating. Yet I soon tired of seeing the same houses each day and explored further. Curiosity led me to walk through the Veteran’s Cemetery where an insight stopped me in my path. All the fears of those buried, died the moment they ceased to breathe but their love lingered in the words written on their tombstones with words such as “beloved, loved, the best” among others.

And then…

It gave me pause to reflect on how often I fear failure or what others think of me. I let that fear keep me from pursuing my dreams. That day, I decided to let my fears fade into the background. They were going to die anyway, why not start to disempower them? I didn’t have a specific strategy in mind but I knew that love is the answer.

I began to reflect on the power of love, its ability to confront fear, and transform it into courage. Love empowers one to stand tall in the face of fear. In fact, I had recently experienced love’s courage when I started a new business. It helped me overcome obstacles, unlock my potential, and find the freedom to be myself. Courage loves to help us find that “umph”, that inner power, to step into something different.

In this season, we are all having to step into something new or different. We are all invited into a fresh start. OK, sometimes it feels like we’re being forced into something different. Either way, we have a choice as to how we respond and what our new path will be. We can lay down our fears and pick up love and courage. This is the path that leads to fulfillment and having a sense of thriving.

What’s next?

It is a simple path. It only requires two steps: lay down and pick up. Yet those steps are not always easy to do. As you travel your path, know that you are not alone. Should you find a need to talk to someone about what your new path could look like, feel free to email me at