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Stop Fighting

Fighting with ourselves not only wastes our time but keeps us stuck in critical thoughts and self-judgment. We experience this “self-fighting” when we obsessively debate a decision or condemn ourselves for making a less than optimal decision. We drain our joy by staying mired in this mental pattern of fighting and criticizing. We watch as […]

Rise Above Challenge

RISE ABOVE CHALLENGE   Have you recently needed to rise above a challenge? The pandemic has changed many of our jobs and relationships as well as left us with challenges. Challenges impact our life and work. They can take away our joy and replace it with stress. Personally, l often feel overwhelmed, alone and without […]

Your Body Calms Anxious Emotions

My body and emotions were anxious My body and emotions were anxious, not calm, after hearing that my daughter was taking her youngest to the Emergency Room. I was worried, scared, and a bit teary. She lives hours from me, and driving there was difficult. Tension emerged in my whole body. I impatiently waited for […]

Change Begins with Awareness of Values

Bob Dylan once sang “times they are a-changin”; but now they are changing for the worse. Positive change begins with awareness of our values. Values are the standards and principles that act like an inner compass directing our choices, decisions and life path. When we begin actions unaware of our values, we unknowingly often mistreat […]



Shoulds are a trap that binds us in confusion Shoulds add confusion to life and keep you from thriving. You can spot them in well-meaning self-help books, inner thoughts, and opinions of others—and they are sneaky. Recently as I was walking, they snuck into my thoughts  and sounded like this: “I should walk faster and […]

New Approach to Self-Judgement

Why do I judge myself?  I’m feeling dread and resistance to answering that question. It spirals me into judgment about my judgment. Yuck, stuck again. Books and therapists remind me that if I quit judging myself, I’ll have more energy to do things I want to do. I agree, but I’ve tried so many times […]

Fear Fades, Love Lingers

Covid-19 roared like a lion Covid-19 roared into our lives forcing change, offering few options and providing even less clarity. I had no time to prepare. I felt lost and for the first week of the shutdown, hibernated in front of the TV so it would drown out both thoughts and feelings. Walking replaced hibernating. […]

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Really? Curiosity is bad and causes problems? Growing up, my parents told me the above saying. Instead of asking so many questions, I was supposed to accept, trust, and enjoy whatever was happening. No explanation was needed. So, I quit asking questions. In college, that led to making bad decisions regarding taking drugs. I was […]